Glimpse Of Activities Held At Beacon Public School

Last week was full of activities for the Beaconites as various trips and events were organized for students for all classes. The winners of all the competitions were given certificates and trophies for their outstanding performances.

1. 29th November, 2022 – Students of Class X, XI and XII (Political Science students) visited the Digital Museum at the Vidhan Sabha where they were briefed about the freedom struggle of Rajasthan during 1857, integration of Rajasthan and the electoral system. The museum has statues of all the Chief Ministers and the Speakers till date. The students also saw the model of the Vidhan Sabha and various movements during the freedom struggle are also displayed. The trip was quite informative and interesting.

2. 30th November, 2022 – Various extra-curricular activities were designed for the students of different classes in which the students participated enthusiastically.

     (a) For Classes Play Group to II, Dressing up Race was arranged where students had to dress themselves up while running through a track. It was such fun to watch little kids competing with each other while dressing themselves.

      (b) For Classes VII & VIII, Salad Decoration Competition was organized in which students displayed their creativity by presenting beautiful salads to the judges. They prepared salads that not only looked wonderful but tasted great too.

     (c) For Classes IX to XII, Food without Fire Competition was organized in which students made very innovative, interesting and delicious dishes. The preparations not only looked great but also had high nutritional value in them. The presentations were very attractive and choosing winners became difficult for the judges.

3. 1st December, 2022 Class XII Biology students attended a workshop at Dr. B.Lal Laboratories, Malviya Nagar, on the advanced technology used in Microbiology. The session gave the students an insight on how the bacterial testing in the laboratories has advanced over the years. They were shown the different machineries used to find results from the various samples provided to them. The students found the session very informative.

4. 3rd December, 2022 – Spelling Quiz was organized for students of Classes III and IV. Separate quizzes were arranged for Class III and Class IV. Four teams of three students each from both classes participated in the quiz. A word bank of almost 200 spellings, which the students use in their regular lives, was given to them to learn. Then a quiz was curated using these words. The students performed extremely well in the quiz.