Fancy Dress, Solo Dance & Mono Acting Competition 2022

“Never let the fear of failing, triumph over the joy of participating.”

With this spirit, last week we conducted various extra-curricular activities for the students
of Classes Play Group to X. This not only helped them to overcome their stage fear but
also enhance and showcase their talent.

The list of competitions and their respective dates were as follows:
>> Play Group to II – Fancy Dress Competition on 21st September (Wednesday)
>> III to V – Solo Dance Competition on 22nd September (Thursday)
>> VI & VII – Fancy Dress Competition on 23rd September (Friday)
>> VIII to X – Mono Acting Competition on 24th September (Saturday)

The students participated with full zeal and made it really difficult for the judges to find
the best performer. The winners of the competitions were given certificates and prizes.
Also the students who did well were presented with consolation prizes.