About Our School

The journey of the Beacon Public School started from being a Pre-primary School which gradually developed into a primary school. After giving successful results, the school is now upgraded to Class XII (Science, Commerce & Arts).

We are a group of well qualified and competent staff whose aim is to ensure the overall development of a child. The team has always believed in giving quality education to the students and strives to give them a very cordial environment while they are in school. Beacon Public School is aimed to be one of the best RBSE Schools in Jaipur. Beacon Public School keeps your trust by providing an all-round development environment to your children. We make them competition ready for the competitive market. In order to have focus on each and every child we ensure that the student-teacher ratio is very less. The school follows NCERT curriculum and we always keep ourselves updated with any academic changes that happen from time to time. Our team has a progressive nature and our aim is to grow and develop the school to reach new heights.

Best School in Jaipur
Beacon Public School

Principal’s Welcome

I welcome all the parents and students to Beacon Public School. Every year comes with new challenges and developments happening at the global level. As an educational institute it’s our endeavour to develop our students to face these challenges. Going by today’s trend a child is incomplete if he/she has only academic knowledge and we have to work on the overall growth of the child. Keeping that in mind we have been bringing lot of changes not only academically but also in extracurricular activities.

Besides academic changes, there are many societal changes also that are taking place. Unlike us, this generation has a different mindset and as a parent we have to understand that. Pampering is good if done for the right reasons. Being a parent it is our duty to keep a watch on our child’s behaviour. Any unusual change is alarming and it is our responsibility to find the reason behind it. We have to develop confidence in our children so that they discuss their problems and opinions with us.

On a concluding note I would like to say that Change is inevitable and it is the only constant in our society today. Before taking any decision we have to consider how the world is today and how will it be in the future.

Mrs. Sunita Katewa, Principal